Electric cars

Times are changing fast in the car industry, as people become more and more aware of the environment car manufacturers are having to adapt and rethink the products they put on the streets. Governments around the world are pushing for a switch to full electric cars, the biggest industry players already have one or more electric cars on their lineup but they still have a lot of work to do in order to fix some of the bugs that electric cars have (autonomy, price tag and service complexity).

Should I make the switch and buy an electric car?

No, not yet. Designing and making an full electric car is too expensive at the moment for car manufacturers and this translates into a big price tag, right now you can’t get an electric car for less than $35,000 and although you will save money on gas these cars can’t go very far without needing a full charge (400 miles for gas cars vs 250 miles for electric cars) and there’s not enough charging stations on the road so if you run of battery you probably going to need a long power extension.

Why are electric cars so expensive?

The research, design and build process of an electric car is higher than a gas car, this is because the batteries use to power the electric engine are extremely expensive and the supply is not  high enough at the moment.

How are manufacturers responding to this issue?

Car manufacturers are responding to the cost issue by forming alliances between each other in order to share and lower the costs of research and design, just a couple of weeks ago we saw they merger between Fiat/Chrysler group and the French Peugeot/Citroen group, a massive merger looking to tackle this problem.

In conclusion you should definitely think about buying an electric car in the future when the price tag, autonomy and practically matches and outperforms a normal gas car, until that happens I’m sticking with my Turbocharged engine which puts a lot of smiles on my face and you should too.


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by Juan Piedrahita


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