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On our very first blog I want to talk about why oil is such an important component to your car’s life as well as answering some of the questions we get the most by our clients.

Your car uses oil to lubricate key engine parts and components, inside the engine combustion chamber heat and pressure are massive and oil keeps these parts from melting due to friction which in result would literally meltdown your engine and make your morning commute a little too exciting, so it’s fair to say that oil is as important as the gas you put in when your tank is running empty.

Why do I have to change the oil on my car?

Well because oil circulates lubricating and in some cases lowering the temperature of your engine, this process makes your oil dirty and over time the chemical molecules of your oil start to break down making oil more inconsistent which could create issues with your car, nowadays must car manufacturers recommend to change your oil every 5,000 to 8,000 miles depending on the characteristics of your car and the conditions where you drive it.

Conventional, Semi synthetic and Full synthetic which one should I be using?

Let’s start by explaining what’s the difference between a conventional and a full synthetic oil, a full synthetic oil has been chemically modified in order to perform better under high temperature and pressure, this makes full synthetic oil better for high performance and turbo cars. Semi synthetic and conventional oil hasn’t been modified therefore it’s chemical properties have more irregularities which over time can cause issues, having said that in a lot of cases you can use semi synthetic oil and your car will perform great. The reason why some cars need full synthetic has to do with the characteristics of say car, for example a turbo car uses the oil to cool down the turbo and the parts inside of a turbo get really hot so you need really good full synthetic oil; cars with a big engine also require full synthetic.

Semi synthetic and conventional, what’s the difference?

It’s confusing I know, conventional oil and semi synthetic oil are pretty much the same thing but some years back oil manufacturers realized the term “conventional” wasn’t very appealing to the consumers so some marketing genius came out with the term “semi synthetic” and every oil manufacturer adopted the term since, nowadays is truth that some semi synthetic oils have some minerals and properties added to make it last a bit longer but in reality it’s just a marketing strategy so next time they try to confuse you with these different terms you will be prepared!

Now that you know why oil is so important for the life of your car you can keep an eye on your car’s next service interval and make sure you schedule an oil change with us!

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by Juan Piedrahita

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