Tire Repair vs. New Tire

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Has your car alerted you that you tire pressure has gone down, only to discover that you have a nail stuck in your tire? We’ve all been there and it can be a pain.

Although at first you may think that you need to head over to your nearest Tires Plus to order a replacement, there are some other options that you should try first that could save you time and money.

Size is Everything

The first thing that you will need to determine is the size and severity of your tire puncture (a round hole). Most times if you have a nail or a puncture, a tire patch will do the trick. But, if you have a cut tire that is larger than 1/4 inch then you are going to need a new tire.

The size of the cut on the tire is important because within the tire itself are steel cords – or to get technical, belt plies – which act as support within the tire. The way that these steel cords are positioned within the tire, a large cut can sever a cord and risk the strength and stability of the tire. Although a patch would in theory prevent air from leaking out, you would not only sacrifice the strength of the tire but also your safety.

Location, Location, Location

Now that you have determined if you can patch the puncture, we need to see where the puncture is on the tire. If the puncture is along the “sidewall” of the tire, then you are going to need a replacement. Why is this the case? Well when you drive, the sidewall of the tire will flex and take most of the brunt of bumps along the road. If you were to patch the sidewall, the movement or flexing of the tire would cause the patch to come undone – and now you’re back to square one with a leaky tire.

Still not sure if you need a new tire or not? Well that’s what we are here to help with. Our Mobile Pitstop technicians can come to you and help you determine the best plan of action. In the event that you need a new tire, we’ve got you covered. You can head over to mobilepitstopvan.com and plug in your car details and find what tires are available for you. We will order them and have them ready for installation at your convenience.

Already purchased tires yourself and just need them installed? We can do that to! Head over to the Mobile Pitstop App and book a tire installation appointment. We’ll even dispose of your old tires for you too!

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