Winterizing Your Car

Winter is Coming: Best Practices to Keep Your Car Running all Winter Long 

While we don’t have to prepare for an attack by our favorite Game of Thrones Houses, we do need to make sure our cars are in tip top shape for those cold winter days. Just like we prepare differently in the hot summer sun vs. the cold snowy winter, we need to make sure our cars do the same. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you will be up and running this winter. 

Tire Pressure:

The first week of freezing temperatures you may see your tire pressure warning come on – but don’t be alarmed, that’s normal! Did you know that for every 10 degrees of temperature change there could be a gain or loss of 1 PSI of tire pressure? Cold temperatures can cause the air in your tires to compress and ultimately take up less space which will trigger your TPMS or “tire pressure monitoring system.” Luckily it’s a simple fix. just take your car to your nearest shop or pass station and additional air can be added to make sure you are at an optimal tire pressure for winter time. 

Battery Power:

Cold temperatures can also effect your battery power – when the temperature drops, so does battery power. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that it will take more power to start your car in the winter. To avoid any further battery drainage, make sure your battery is up to date and fully charged!

Tire Choice:

While all-season tires will get you through the winter and moderate amounts of snow, if you live in a place that sees significant snowfall or cold temperatures regularly, you may want to consider winter tires. When temperatures start to drop, the tire compound of all-season tires can harden – making your traction less optimal. Winter tires on the other hand are produced from a different compound that prevents hardening of the tires and allows for better grip on snow and icy conditions. 

Wipers and Fluid:

Did you know that there are special windshield wipers for the winter time? Winter wipers are made from a different type of rubber that will prevent ice from forming on the surface. Along with your wipers, make sure that your windshield wiper fluid has antifreeze in it. This will prevent the fluid from freezing up on your windshield while you’re driving. 

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